About us

Pure Elite Nutrition specializes in sport training, supplements, diets and general advice to promote a healthier living . Drienkie Visaqie (Van Wyk) founder of Pure Elite, is a nutritional specailist with years of experience in supplements advice and the current SA Womens record holder in Shotput, can help you transfrom your body, weather it's for competition, sports endurance or just for personal health reasons.


Drienkie herself has competited in body building competitions, such as Miss universe physique, and repersented South African in the Womens Shotput. She also coaches schools sports like athletics, rugby endurance and spotput, Drienkie is a clinical trainer with enthusiasm on helping those in need of reaching their goals. She thrives with passion which pushes all those around to get the most and best out of training. She will create and train within a testing routine in any environment and is a highly recommended sport and supplement trainer.


Johnny Hadjicleanthous has worked with Drienkie for years and comes with his own experience to provide assisstance in toning and physique changing as well as aiding all those who wish to drop inches or bulk up. 


Pure Elite Nutrition is ready to with your nutritional and physical needs. We stock all the major supplement brands at very resonable prices, IF WE DON'T HAVE WHAT YOU NEED, WE WILL SOURCE IT.